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Dear Members, 

Happy New Year to all!  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas too.  We are looking forward to a great new year at BRGC.  We have made arrangements for Dr. Troy Miller to give us a class on Emergency First Aid and gun shot wound treatment.  The class is limited to no more than twenty individuals and we must have at least ten to do the class.  It is scheduled for Feb. 23rd, starting at 1:00 P.M. after the IDPA match and lunch.  It is a four hour class and will cover the use of a tourniquet, pressure bandages and other trauma events to stop massive blood loss.  What you learn here could save someone you care about in the event of a car crash, an accidental shooting on or off the range, or any other accident.   It is just good to know stuff!   To sign up for this class, contact Steve.  The cost is $75 for BRGC members, and guest of BRGC can take it for $85.  We need a minimum of ten students for this class.  Anyone that shoots, goes out in public, goes where there are lots of people should be interested in this class. 

Well, the cliff has come and we are still here.  However, there is a dark cloud on the horizon about gun control.  We need to keep a watchful eye on coming events and be ready to contact our congressman and senators.   We will have to wait and see.  Keep an eye on the calendar for up coming events.  I am meeting with Jack Parrett for the Self Defense Shot Gun Class in two weeks and once the date is set, I’ll put out another news letter and keep everyone up to date on it.  We will also be posting CHL classes on the range. 

Please remember that you must now bring your own staple gun to put your targets up….we aren’t buying any more of them, they keep growing wings and leaving.  And please take all of your trash home with you.  We still have one or two people that can’t read and don’t paste up the ISPC and IDPA targets and just put them back in the target shed after shooting them beyond use, so if you see someone do that (that can’t read) please help them understand that it is only a matter of time before I catch them and they are OUT of the club. 

We have several new members, so if you meet one at the range, make them feel welcome.  Happy Day, and keep it safe out there!

Keep it safe out there!

Steve Shipley, Director

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