Jan 18 2013 news letter

Dear Members and friends:

The dirt work on the berm between the rifle range and the pistol bays should be finished late this afternoon or tomorrow.  Once complete, the rifle range will be open during IDPA matches.  We are pushing the dirt work up an additional two feet and cutting the hump down between the benches and the 100 yard berms.  It should also help those that want to shoot prone be able to see the targets the full length of the range now.  We are also touching up the berms on the 100 yard targets.  We have added one additional IDPA pistol bay.  Please note that rifle shooters using benches one, two and three should put their targets on the right berms looking down range and shooters using benches four, five and six should use the berms on the left side looking down range.  This crisscross aiming allows you to see all of the berm your target is posted on and keep all rounds in the dirt.

We are posting all events on the web site under “Events” on the Google Calendar now, so before you drive to the range, please take a minute and look at the calendar to make sure that the range you want to shoot on is not in use or closed for some reason.  www.brgc.net  log in user is “Brgc” and the pass word is “1776”.

 Next IDPA match is next Saturday the 26th of January, sign in at 8:30, start shooting at 9:00.  We will have five stages.  All shooting should be done by 11:30.  Also don’t forget about our EMERGENCY FIRST AID/GSW class following next months IDPA match.  You must be signed up for that class.  Cost for this class is $75 for BRGC members and $80 for guest.  It is a four hour class by Dr. Troy Miller out of Tyler.  Anyone that drives to and from work, has grand kids, lives in the real world and or shoots should take this class.  I can’t tell you how many times over the last thirty years that I have come up on serious accidents that required immediate first aid.  You owe it to yourself to take this class.  Right now we have nine signed up, so we have room for six or seven more.

 We also have our self defense shotgun class on the 30th of May with Jack Parrett, eight hour class $150 BRGC members and $160 for non members.  Class is limited to 15 shooters; we have several already signed up, contact me to put your name on the list.  We are also working with Steve Moses to do an “advanced” AR15 class.  Approx 300 to 400 rounds, house clearing, working as a team, shooting from barricades or cars, etc.  You must have been in the “Basic AR class” or equivalent to qualify for this class.  If you are interested in this class, please contact me and get your name on the list. 

 I am trying to get away from sending all these e-mails and prefer to post them on our web site.  It will save me a lot of time.  Thanks, Steve Shipley, Director


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