December 2012

Hey Folks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Yours!  We had our AR Self Defense Class last Saturday the 8th, and had 13 shooters.  It was a great class and was very well done by one of our own, Steve Moses from the Tyler area.  A lot of good information about how to defend yourself and family with the AR platform….We want to offer several different classes for our members this coming year.  We have instructors on the following subjects; Basic Reloading, Advanced Reloading, Basic handgun skills, advanced handgun, Basic  AR (auto rifle), advanced AR, long range shooting, Gun Shot Wound Emergency Medical Treatment (one that everyone that shoots should have), Basic Self defense with Shotgun, Advanced Shotgun, just to name a few.  Our next class will be Basic Home Defense with your Shotgun.  We are setting up the class now and it will be sometime in the later part of April or early March.  The class will be taught by Jack Perritt from Strike International.  Cost is $100 for the eight hour class.  This class does require a lot of up and down and is somewhat physical in nature….We need a minimum of 9, and a max of 14 to do the class.  If you are interested, please contact me and we can start our “List”.

Our IDPA shoot this month is on the 22nd.  It will be a “Night Shoot” or low light shoot.  You will need a HAND HELD flash light and your regular gear.  We plan to have a “camp fire” too to help if it is cold!  Those of you that like to help set up, we will start on Saturday afternoon about 3:15 or so.  Shooters need to be there no later than 4:30 as it is dark about 5:15 and we want to go over “Proper” use of a flashlight and pistol with everyone before we shoot.  We plan four and maybe five stages…all short range, up close and personal like it would be in a home invasion scenario.  We need as many of our Safety Officers to come as possible.  IF you plan to come, please shoot me (Pun intended) a note to confirm that you are coming….I know it is close to Christmas, but some of us get a little stir crazy at the house this time of year….come out if you can.

We are working on a new Web site for our club and it should be ready soon… the future, all news letters will be posted on the web site, rather than a blanket e-mail.  It will also have a Google Calendar with all events posted as to date, time and which range it will be on, example:  Gun Barrel Police training and re-certification, Oct. 12, 4:00 P.M.  Rapid Fire Berm, rimfire range closed during training.  This is just a sample.  For those of you that didn’t know it, our web site is   the “user” under members section is “brgc” lower case and the password is “1776”.  Applications, rules, events, photos and other information will be posted there on a regular basis.

One last item….if you have something that you would like to “Post” for sale on our web site to other members of the club, we can post it for 30 days for $5.00 per item (administrative cost for loading it on).  Don’t put your phone number, use e-mail account to be contacted.  Let’s keep it simple….we will try it for a couple of months and if there is an interest and we don’t have any problems, we will keep doing it, OR NOT….

The range will be open Christmas day AFTER noon…..same for News Years Day….

I want to thank all of you for helping us have a Wonderful Year with very few problems….Happy Day, my friends!


Steve Shipley, Director

T-F 10-5
Sat 9-1

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